In 2012, a chemical engineering student with a passion for climbing began to wonder: what's in the chalk I use every day? So, he took it to the university laboratory and examined it. He realized he was using an industrial magnesia, full of nasty, skin-damaging chemicals.

He decided to use his skills to develop an innovative magnesia formula, using only cosmetic grade ingredients, no nasty chemicals, and making it super effective and durable. He did not do it for the purpose of doing business, the only objective was to have a healthy product for himself and share with his climbing companions.

Soon the rumor of his magnesia began to spread among the climbing community and its demand increased so much that it had to dedicate 100% of their time, with no choice but to set up a business. MONKEYHANDS was officially born.

Over the years, family and friends who practiced different sports asked him to customize a grip support solution for their sports needs. This is how MONKEYHANDS quickly became the first company in the world to manufacture different gripping aid solutions according to the needs of athletes.

Despite our growth worldwide, we maintained the same philosophy that characterized us from the beginning: quality above all. To fulfill this promise, we built our own factory, which means that we personally control the entire production process, from the purchase of raw materials to the realization of the final product, to guarantee high quality standards.

We know that without your trust we would never have gotten this far. Your comments are the most precious thing we have to improve our products, so we encourage you to continue sending us your comments to continue growing together.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story!