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At MONKEYHANDS we are obsessed with 1 thing: Creating value for our customers.

You might be thinking: wait a minute, all brands do that, right? Well, that should be the case, but unfortunately it is not.

We can proudly say that we are not only a brand, but also a producer of the products we sell. This may seem obvious to you, but the truth is that most of the brands on the market that sell grip solutions outsource production to other factories to reduce production costs.

To put it simply, imagine that there is only one factory that produces the same product for many brands.

Some questions should arise spontaneously:

• How can they guarantee the quality of the raw material they are using if they don't buy them personally? They cannot.

• How can they guarantee that quality standards are met if they do not control at 100% the production process? They can't.

• How can they be sure that safety regulations and the right to work are respected? They can't.

• Do all these brands create value for us consumers or do they all sell the same thing simply by changing the packaging? You can answer this for yourself.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with new brands, claiming they do this and that, while in the end, most of them don't even know what's in the products they sell. This only makes consumer choice more difficult. We offer a safe and fair option to our clients and invite our competitors to do the same, this would create an ethical work environment where the differentiating factor will not be the lowest price but the best quality/performance product.

Here's a quick chemistry lesson to help you better understand the game. Did you know that there are two grades of the same ingredients that can be used to make grip products? Industrial grade and cosmetic grade. Well, we use the latter and yes, they are more expensive (to give you an idea, industrial magnesia can be 60% cheaper than cosmetics!).

In short, all our products:

• Do not contain ingredients of Industrial grade, known to have carcinogenic potential to humans;

• Not tested on animals;

• Vegan (except for the “athlete care line” which is 100% natural);

• Paraben and petrolatum free ;

• They do not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

All the ingredients that we buy from our supplier are registered products manufactured and sold in the European Union under the REACH® program and in the United States they are on the active TSCA inventory. Here is a list of the certificates to support facts and not just words:

We made a commitment to offer our customers a product that they felt comfortable buying. It takes time and effort to find the right partner and requires more investment, but we are confident that we are heading in the right direction. In fact, all our tubes are now PCR certified.

Honestly, the only packaging that still can't be eco-friendly is our chalk bags that can't be thrown in the recycling bin because they're made with a mixed material and with a plastic air seal. The reason we use this packaging is because we need to ensure that moisture does not get through the packaging and alter the quality of the product it contains. But don't despair, with a little effort you can still recycle it, giving it a second life. Just clean it well with soap and water and then you can fill it with a healthy snack like nuts and take it with you to the training session!

Our employees are our most precious resource. By internalizing the production process, we can guarantee that all work requirements are met.

• Salaries in line with and/or above the market average.

• Working hours below the market average.

• Holidays above the standards.

• Provide all the necessary equipment to guarantee their safety at work and not compromise their health during the elaboration of the products.

• Sick leave based on trust.

We ensure that they have access to labor rights and we promote a healthy work culture , cooperative and supportive.