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They are the most innovative solution in the market to improve your grip. 

  • Free of Chalk - which makes them Earth-Friendly, Messiness-free, Healthy (avoid chalk breathing)
  • Eco-friendly packaging - Recycled Plastic Tube

Sweaty hands or dry hands are opposite skin conditions, but they both cause the same problem: your grip doesn’t stick to the skin as it should. To solve this problem we created two Grip Boosters to help you have a better and long lasting grip and improve your performance. Apply them as base-layer, before applying your favorite grip gel or chalk. 

The Dry is the strongest sweat retainer, for those who have sweaty hands. 

The Hydro is a hydrating gel, for those with very dry skin. 

It’s a perfect base layer before applying the gels or the chalks.

Our gels have a unique formula. Chances are you have never tried anything with that consistency before. Follow these simple rules:

  • Clean and dry well your hands before applying
  • Apply on your palms and spread evenly 
  • Once spread, don’t keep rubbing, allow it to dry for 15sec
  • Now you are ready to train! 

Note: Your skin is not used to this consistency so you might love it at first or you might need a couple of weeks of training before getting used to it. So, play with it, learn what’s the right quantity for you in order to avoid reapplying. 

All our tubes are made with recycled plastic. While the chalk bags cannot be thrown in the recyclable bin because they are made with a mixed material. The reason why we use this packaging is because we need to make sure that the humidity won’t get through the packaging and compromise the quality of the product inside. You can still give a second life to the bags, just clean them with water and soap and use them as a bag for snacks and dry fruit. This is even more eco-friendly because you can reuse 100% of the packaging, not just a part of it.

We are a young company, specialized on making grip aid solutions. We invest most of our time in our R&D lab creating new formulas and improving the already existing ones. We take care of the whole production process so that we can always guarantee that only high-quality ingredients are used to produce our products.

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