Dusty Chalk 800gr
Dusty Chalk 800gr

Dusty Chalk 800gr

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Get 350gr for free compared to the 150gr bag size !!!

Premium quality chalk dust to help you boost your performance. It includes a chalk ball!

  • Incredibly fine that stick to your skin;
  • Skin friendly;
  • Long-lasting effect.

Health is our first concern, not the price. This is why all our Chalks:

  • Does not contain industrial grade ingredients, which are known to have a potential carcinogenic risk for humans;
  • Is not tested on animals;
  • Does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Please give a second life to this bag, you can clean it and use it as a snack container.

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Quality Before Anything

Our chalks have been carefully created in our in-house labs in order to provide you with a unique experience while training and made in our own factory in order to guarantee you the best quality standards.

If quality is your concern when buying you should start asking yourself one simple question, is the company I am buying from a manufacturer? I can tell you already that almost all the production of chalk in the market is outsourced in other factories. What does this imply? Well, basically they can't know:

  • What is in their products, because they don't buy the raw materials directly;
  • If the production process is correctly applied, because they don't follow the 100% of it;
  • If in the factory all measures regarding safety of the employees are being followed, because producing chalk requires specific equipment in order not to let the employees breath the dust.

But hey, be sure they will still claim the "purity" of their products, even if the cheap price automatically contradicts them.

The chalk is a product that you apply to your skin every time you train, it is as important as food when we talk about health. That is why we decided to stand on the side ofquality before anythingand do our part offering a premium quality product, even knowing that the price is not competitive, we decided to take this challenge to fight in a market in which companies in order to sell are willing to offer low quality products at the cheapest price. And you, In which side are you on?

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