• CLASSIC, if you need your hands to be dry and have a LIGHT GRIP
  • SENSITIVE, if you need your hands to be dry and have a LIGHT GRIP but your skin is prone to irritations. It is slightly moisturizing.
  • STICKY, if you need your hands to be dry and have a STRONG GRIP
  • DRY, if you need your hands to be dry and have extra FRICTION -> Not recommended for Aerial Sports because it does not contain grip.

Our gels have a unique formula. Chances are you have never tried anything with that consistency before. Follow these simple rules:

  • Clean and dry well your hands before applying
  • Apply on your palms and spread evenly
  • Once spread, don’t keep rubbing, allow it to dry for 15-20sec
  • Now you are ready to train!

  Note: Your skin is not used to this consistency so you might love it at first or you might need a couple of weeks of training before getting used to it. So, play with it, learn what’s the right quantity for you in order to avoid reapplying… then you’ll become a proper monkey! 😀

We are a young chemical company, specialized on making grip aid solutions. We invest most of our time in our R&D lab creating new formulas and improving the already existing ones. We take care of the whole production process so that we can always guarantee that only high-quality ingredients are used to produce our products.

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