CrossFit tips for beginners

CrossFit tips for beginners

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CrossFit tips for beginners

What is CrossFit?

It is a type of training in which there is almost no rest. It works through repetitions that burn fat quickly. With this, we can get results in a short time that in turn, will help motivate you to move forward with your exercise plan.


1. Basic routine

Consult with a trainer to establish a basic routine at the gym.

2. Don't skip

Don't try to "skip" exercises because they seem more difficult, over time they become easier to perform.

3. Perks

Some benefits of CrossFit are strengthening muscles and mind, as well as your aerobic capacity. Keep track of your progress.

4. Be constant

On days when you require more motivation to go to the gym or do your CrossFit, remember that a little exercise will always be better than no exercise.

5. Have fun

Have fun exercising. One of the key goals is to strengthen your body, but you must enjoy the process.

6. Join the community

We recommend you join the community of your gym, the friendships made will give you new ideas on how to exercise and have fun at the same time.

7. Lifestyle

Once you incorporate CrossFit into your agenda, it becomes a lifestyle.

Gaby Castellanos

Gaby Castellanos

Nutritionist, mom, Health blogger, author of Nutre a tu Bebe (Amazon).

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We present you some useful tips for CrossFit beginners!

CrossFit tips for beginners

We present you some useful tips for CrossFit beginners!

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