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Climbing Borders

Climbing Borders

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It was founded in 2014 with the desire to use climbing and education to promote a healthy life among the youth of Monterrey, Mexico. Youth is considered a population at risk due to inequality, insecurity and the high presence of drug trafficking in the region.

They firmly believe that inequality kills, it is that simple, and this inequality not only implies fewer economic opportunities, but also brings with it a decrease in life expectancy. The place where we are born and the social borders of class, race, gender and nationality tend to define us as individuals despite being completely arbitrary. Escalando Fronteras seeks to climb these borders so that they do not determine the opportunities and destiny of children. For this reason, Escalando Fronteras has decided to work with children from the age of 5. Their work includes:

  • Climbing activities in gyms and natural parks;
  • Prevention workshops on drug use, sex education and life purpose;
  • Community development – working together with the families of the children and other social organizations

We are proud supportes of Escalando Fronteras since 2016.

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