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Acceso Panam

Acceso Panam

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Acceso Panam is an organization whose mission is to protect the access to climbing and mountaineering areas in Latin America and promote their conservation. They focus on the following activities:

  • Awareness: to influence public policies and legislation that have an impact on climbing and hiking;
  • Conservation: to protect ecosystems through conservation actions, volunteer; projects and support in planning and managing protected areas in the region
  • Negotiation: negotiating access to climbing areas;
  • Training and empowerment: supporting local organizations that fight for access to climbing areas;
  • Dissemination and education: generating instances of reflection and education for climbers, owners and managers about the climbing culture and the importance of mountains conservation through programs, campaigns, events, educational materials and associations.

In December 2019, to celebrate International Mountain Day, in collaboration with Acceso Panam and Escalando Fronteras, we supported the Clean Mountain campaign. This was carried out in various locations in Mexico, from Guadalajara, to the State of Mexico and Monterrey. Thanks to this initiative, we were exchanging garbage bags for chalk!

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