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Back in 2012, a chemical engineering student with the passion for climbing decided to use his skills to develop an innovative chalk formula. The only goal was to use a product that only contained high quality ingredients and to share it with his climbing mates.
After a very short time Monkey Hands started spreading around the climbing community and its demand increased so much that he decided to dedicate 100% of his time to Monkey Hands.

Through the years, friends who were practicing different sports asked him to customize a grip aid solution for their sport needs. This is how Monkey Hands quickly became the first company in the world on making different grip aid solutions according to the different sports.
In spite of our worldwide growth we maintained the same philosophy that characterized us since the beginning: quality first. To keep this promise we built our own factory, which means that we personally control the whole production process, from the buying of raw materials to the realization of the final product in order to guarantee that high quality standard.
We know that without your trust we would have never gone so far. Your feedback is the most precious thing we have to improve and this is why we encourage you to keep sending us your feedback in order to continue growing together.

A big thank you from the Monkey Hands family for taking the time to read our story!


Chemical Engineer

My perfect day is waking up early and getting ready for the mountain for a climbing day. I love everything about climbing, that chill vibe, that fresh air and the way it connects you with nature. Creating Monkey Hands was my way to say thank you to this sport and to help all the people that, like me, are grateful to the sport they love.



The best lesson I learnt from sport is that there is nothing more healing than spending time with teammates, working hard together and pushing each other to reach new goals while having fun during the path. I am really glad to work for a company like Monkey Hands, which promoted these values and incentivize people to experience this.


Social Development

Pole dancing allowed me to rediscover myself through an empowering journey – full of friendships, achievements and excitement. I owe a lot of my self-love to this sport and through Monkey Hands I can do my bit to support other athletes in this amazing journey, enjoying a sport that makes them feel alive.

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